Rolex 24 At Daytona 12-Hour Report

Crowd at Pregrid at Daytona 24

Rolex 24 At Daytona 12-Hour Report: 

Derhaag Motorsports #40 Preformed Line Products Pontiac Riley Daytona Prototype

The #40 Preformed Line Products #40 Daytona has overcome two lengthy garage visits to return to the track for the second half of the Rolex 24 At Daytona.  Starting 24th on the grid, the car has moved up as high as 13th place and back to 60th.  It has returned to the top twenty only to slip back again to 40th overall with a long fight back in the second half of the Rolex 24 At Daytona.

Hour Two:  Ron Fellows moves the car from a 24th starting position up to 13th overall and 13th in class.  After running his double stint, Fellows approaches the pits for a driver change when a CV joint failure stops the car on track and requires towing to the pits and repairs for a loss of 40 minute and 22 laps to the leaders.

Hour 2:40:  The #40 Daytona Prototype returns with Chris Bingham at the helm in 60th position overall.  Bingham has smooth driving with a stop for gas and tires at 3:40.  Bingham is able to gain track positions by turning fast laps and move up to 54th overall and 28th in class amid heavy traffic and jockeying for position.

Hour 4:20:  Randy Ruhlman takes over the driving for his first ever Rolex 24 At Daytona driving stint.  Ruhlman drives for 2 hours15 minutes as sun sets and night falls with a pit stop at 5:40 for gas and tires.  He gives over driving duties with the car in the 39th position overall and 23rd in class.

Hour 6:35: Justin Bell began his two fuel and tire stop driving stretch, pitting midway for needed fuel and tires.   Bell continues the move posting consistently fast times in the dark continuing the move up to 33rd on the overall grid and 18th in class.

Hour 8:20:  Ron Fellows makes his return to the car, stopping only for gas midway through his two hour second round in the car.  The car moves up to19th overall and 13th in class by 10:15.  By the end his shift, Fellows is calling in about a progressively slipping clutch.

Hour 10:30: Chris Bingham returns to the car and immediately encounters severe problems with shifting and power as the slipping clutch fails.  The car returns to the pits under power for replacement.  Repairs appear to go smoothly, until a parts defect is detected and an extensive stop is required to fix the problems.

Hour 12:45:  Bingham returns to the track with repairs completed. Car is in 40th position overall and 21st in class, down 102 laps to the leaderA double driving stint is planned with Ruhlman and Bell and Fellows to follow in order until the 24th hour.

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