center Nov 12, 2007
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Randy and Tom Boonen Randy at Davis Phinney Copper Triangle 2010
Randy interview at Amiens David Randy and Steven Roche at Eifel Tower
......Whether it's being interviewed in France or getting a chance to ride on the London-Paris, or ride with former Tour de France winner, Steven Roche & Eurosport reporter David Harmon, Randy tries to use cycling to help charities across the world.
Randy conquors the Col d'Aspin & Tourmalet in France on his bike!!
Randy rides the high mountains of the Pyrenees from Barcelona to Atlantic

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About Randy....

Randy Ruhlman is used to tough competition -- especially in motorsports.  While many of his competitors started racing cars when they were barely old enough to walk, Randy waited until he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Engineering before he began his career in racing. Randy has set track records, has earned race pole positions, and, of course, won a lot of races, but he has also paid his dues.( more...)